If you want to get the best smartwatch on the market, read these reviews by professionals before buying! The Google Pixel Watch was released on the 13th of October 2022.

You can find all the technical specs from the Google Store but here’s a snapshot:

Matte Black Stainless Steel case / Obsidian Active band · Polished Silver Stainless Steel case / Charcoal Active band · Champagne Gold Stainless Steel case / Hazel Active band
Materials and Finishes
Case: 80% recycled stainless steel · Active band: Fluoroelastomer with soft-touch coating
Dimensions and Weight
Diameter: 41 mm · Height: 12.3 mm · 36 g (without band)
4G LTE and UMTS2 · Bluetooth® 5.0 · Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz · NFC
GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
Android 8.0 or newer3
Custom 3D Corning® Gorilla® Glass · 320 ppi AMOLED display with DCI-P3 color · Brightness boost up to 1000 nits · Always-on display
Band Size
Active band: Small and large band sizes included · Small fits wrists 130-175 mm around · Large fits wrists 165-210 mm around
Power (Battery and Charging)
294 mAh (typical) · Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery · Up to 24 hours4 · USB-C® magnetic charging cable · Charging speed: · About 30 minutes to 50%5About 55 minutes to 80%5About 80 minutes to 100%5
Exynos 9110 SoC · Cortex M33 co-processor
WearOS 3.5
Storage and Memory
32 GB eMMC flash6 · 2 GB SDRAM
Compass · Altimeter · Blood oxygen sensor7 · Multipurpose electrical sensor · Optical heart rate sensor8 · Accelerometer · Gyroscope · Ambient light sensor
Side button · Haptic crown · Premium haptics
Built-in microphone · Built-in speaker
Fitbit health and fitness · Always-on display · Google Maps · Google Wallet9 · Google Assistant · Messages and notifications · YouTube Music · NFC · Emergency SOS10 · International emergency calling11 · Interchangeable band design · Coming this summer: fall detection (up to 32 g-forces)11
Durability and Water Resistance
Custom 3D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 · 5 ATM1

Image Source: Google Store

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Here’s a transcription of the above video:

let’s talk about this Google pixel watch so the first generation of any uh new piece of tech is always interesting you know this is Google’s first pixel Smart Watch we have the Google pixel phones and the pixel Buds and the pixel tablet coming later that could be fun too but yeah this is their first crack at a pixel Smart Watch so I know I’m not


The only one who was very curious just waiting for this thing to see what it would look like what features it would include how well it would work together what the design would be and I also know that I’m not the only one who’s disappointed in a lot of this stuff let’s talk about it so when you first buy a pixel watch for 350 you get a small 41 millimeter circular smart watch it comes in this one size but there’s three colors black silver or gold the


Black being the best in my opinion because it is matte black while the other two are very much glossy and the front glass curves way over into a dome shape made of Gorilla Glass 5. it’s like a Sleek little Pebble well not a Pebble Smartwatch but a literal Pebble a very lightweight weight Pebble and there’s only two buttons the crown that rotates and pushes in and then a button right above it the crown I think is really good it sticks out enough it’s usable


Everywhere it has haptics when you scroll with it nice and clicky the button above it not so much it’s pretty small doesn’t have much travel it’s still clicky but because of the domed glass it’s pushed fairly far back kind of close to your wrist luckily you don’t really use it that much and then connecting the watch bands at the top and bottom happens through this clever little push and slide system it’s clever I say because it can connect bands in


This really seamless looking way without any lugs or bulky connections and the first party watch bands do a really good job of looking like they just jut out of the side of the watch which is pretty cool you might not care about this at all if you never change watch bands but as somebody who changes watch bands every single day to sleep in a different band I just get used to this motion a lot and so I find it good when it’s good and this is also something very


Important to get right in the first generation because you don’t really want to have to change it three years in because that makes everyone’s watch bands that they just bought for the past three years incompatible so they’re trying to keep this for a long time so Hardware wise I think this thing is actually pretty beautiful I love the simple Circle you can easily dress it down and keep it subtle or you can just go sports band or fabric band it seems


To fit right into a lot of different places it’s stainless steel it’s water resistant up to 50 meters and the back happens to be pretty simple too it’s just a heart rate sensor blood oxygen sensor and the ECG and up front this is a thousand nit OLED display with a mostly black background through most of the software so it just kind of feels like a black disc floating on your wrist it’s nice the only thing I wish is that it was bigger or if there was a larger


Version so I don’t even have that big of a wrist but this thing is just it’s pretty small which some people will like but I just wish I had a larger screen this watch is a 41 millimeter watch but that measurement is just of the actual outside of the casing when you actually get a look at this thing the bezels are pretty substantial and so the screen is down to about 29 millimeters across now I don’t actually hate these bezels I think it’s it’s kind of like the notch


On a phone you know a lot of people who don’t actually use it can make a big deal about it because if you just look at them they look silly but the mostly black background throughout the UI does a good job of hiding them and you really only see them when you’re looking for them or if you set a photo as a watch face but I really think a bigger watch would feel even more modern for the computer on the wrist nerds like me and it would also solve the number one


Problem of this Hardware which is battery life because the battery life is trash it’s bad it’s it’s just not good at all so on stage Google said what did they say up to 24 hours was their claim which probably should have been the first red flag because if you think about it 24 hours is like 8 A.M one day to 8 A.M the next day so one day and one night but that’s the maximum it’s up to 24 hours so the always-on display is off by


Default out of the box I turned that on and it’s literally measuring your heart rate every single second all day every day every single second that’s a lot of heart rate measurements so just for context the Apple watch for example is checking periodically through the day and every five seconds while you’re sleeping so now here I’m getting more like 18 hours tops which is not quite enough to go all day and then do a full night of sleep tracking so if you wanted


To sleep tracking like me basically you have to charge it twice a day every day sometime in the morning when you wake up and then again sometime in the afternoon before you go to sleep or it’s just gonna die if the thing drains about 20 to 25 battery just during one night of sleep tracking now measuring your heart rate every single second to the second is actually kind of sick like it’s pretty cool there is a complication they showed it on stage two of just the watch


Telling you every second updating what your heart rate is like I’ve never seen anything like it it’s the most accurate heart rate tracking I’ve ever tried in a wearable it’s great for tracking workouts heart rate recovery you know this this is the Fitbit prowess going to work no doubt but the other smart watches that are now years in you know the Samsung Galaxy watch 5 and the Apple Watch series 8. they’ve all realized by this point that the way you save battery


Is by pinging all these sensors less often like the battery saver mode on the new Apple watch literally is just pinging heart rate and GPS less and turning off things like the always on display and the blood oxygen readings that are going on all the time in the background that’s how you save battery so the fact that this watch does it all the time can be cool but also can nuke your battery all the time when I go to bedtime mode and just


Turn on like the sleep mode it doesn’t say it’s stopping those heart rate measurements it continues to measure my heart rate constantly I will say though the Saving Grace that makes it usable is that it does charge up very fast it does come with this plastic Puck charger in the box with a pretty weak magnet that feels like it could easily fall off also very first gen feeling but it could go from like 10 to 40 percent in like 15 minutes which is amazing and it can go


From zero to a hundred in about an hour but okay all that being said the most clumsy thing about the pixel watch for sure is the fact that it’s also a Fitbit or let me rephrase that Fitbit isn’t built into the watch so much as it’s like bolted on to the side so wear OS 3.5 here is it’s fine it’s pretty familiar it’s still intuitive you’ve got your watch face with a swipe down to get to all your customizable Quick Settings that’s


Nice and then you swipe up to get to your notifications your list of apps is one click of the crown away but your recent apps is behind that secondary button that I find I almost never use then you can swipe sideways between a predetermined set of tiles that you can organize in the phone app and these are like these big quick shortcuts to screens that you might use a lot ongoing background things will show up at the bottom so if you have a notification


There’s a little dot for your notification dot if there’s a music playing it’ll show a little animation for that and if you’re in the middle of something like a workout and a new notification comes in it’ll show the logo down there for that too so to control any of the normal watch faces and complications which I really like a lot of them you go through the Watch app makes perfect sense but then for the fitness stuff that’s where Fitbit which


Google acquired in 2019 comes into play so when you set up the watch you actually make a Fitbit account and it starts you off with 6 free of Fitbit premium which is a subscription service so as a smart watch I’ve mostly enjoyed using it’s been fine like it’s smooth it has a good performance but it does feel disjointed sometimes in ways where like you’d expect it to sync more things with the phone but it doesn’t like for example when I put my pixel phone my


Pixel phone in Do Not Disturb mode the watch does not go to do not disturb mode it keeps buzzing it has its own separate Do Not Disturb mode basic stuff like it feels like it should work together more than just being a Bluetooth accessory connected to your phone but then you do a bunch of Fitness stuff a bunch of workouts or whatever sleep tracking and then the watch dumps all of that Fitness data into the Fitbit app now there is still a Google Fit app by the way


The watch doesn’t really talk to it at all so what does that mean for the future of the Google Fit app I don’t know your phone can still talk to it and dump like step counting in there but then you’re using two different apps to track Fitness so I I don’t know and then even throughout the watch UI all the Fitbit stuff it’s in there but it also it kind of just feels like they just dropped it in there on top like instead of ECG it’s Fitbit ECG and a set of


Exercise it’s Fitbit exercise and then you start using these features and the free six month trial before you realize a ton of the stuff it’s collecting and that you’re using like the breathing rate heart rate variation sleep stage tracking and sleep scores all of that goes behind a Fitbit 10 a month subscription paywall when the free trial is over it feels like you can see the Arc of the thinking where like Google wanted people to use a Google watch so


They bought Fitbit and then as I integrated it they realized oh people love the Fitbit name and they still want a Fitbit so you can’t remove that name or that branding so people now get the Google watch that has Fitbit in it and they use the Fitbit app but then there’s also Google fit in the background that they hopefully also choose to use sometimes and they all don’t really talk to each other now all this stuff you know it


Doesn’t make the rest of the parts of the watch worst use it all still works it’s just it adds to this first gen feeling here where you can tell that there is a lot that can get better and this is the funny thing about reviewing products that you’re like hoping to be good you end up sounding really harsh like a disappointed parent or something basically I think this whole pixel watch thing has a lot of potential and I really do enjoy parts of it having


Google assistant on my wrist everywhere is awesome downloading music to stream offline the turn-by-turn navigation with maps The Voice to Text to respond to Notifications all that is great but they clearly still have some first gen learnings to do like the the charger the heart rate monitoring that is constant that doesn’t seem to have any adjusting ability uh the Fitbit integration even the connectivity problems I’ve had a little bit of connectivity issues with


Mine here and there but some of my friends who are also reviewing this watch right now have had a nightmare of a time just keeping it connected to their phone so I’ll let them talk about that in their reviews so like I was hoping this would be some amazing watch straight from the start which I should know better right like first gen stuff is never amazing right from the go but you know it’s starting from zero here like there’s not a lot of bands there’s


Not a lot of accessories for this it’s 350 and for that money you could get a more mature version of a smart watch that has more features that has better battery life that has things that aren’t behind a subscription paywall and that ultimately will probably be a better experience but for now it’s fine for their first foray into forearm Fitness and fashion but functionally it’s still far from finished


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Picture of your bill and the app will negotiate the bills on your behalf it’s kind of sick and you can also monitor your credit score right from the app it’s great it’s easy to save money using this thing so if you want to check it out it’s free or you can unlock more features using the premium account just go to MKBHD it’ll be a link right below the like button if you want to head over and check it out and I’ll be over there too


But until the next one thanks for watching see you later peace

Here’s another video from another professional reviewer:

Here’s a transcription of the above video:

this wrist is naked because I need a new smart watch my last Smart Watch was not so smart it died in a dumb way but guess what ha this wrist is not naked because there’s a new watch in town the pixel watch and I got more than just that one look at these three cool colors we’re gonna check them out let’s get them open people’s been waiting for years for this even Google I think these things were designed like in


2018 but we’ll get to that here’s a black one and this one’s Hazel I think this matches this phone yeah look at the band and then the underside of the chassis is like the uh kind of polished camera visor on the side you see that cool we’ll look at them in a second first what else is in the Box paper and that’s literally it you don’t even get a charger wait wait


A second that huge thing I pulled out you get another band so it comes with a band on it you get a second band in case your wrist size changes you know can happen baby weight and then you do get a charger and it is it is a wireless charger it oh don’t take it out like I am the charger kind of looks like the watch face and in that it’s really bubbly got a subtle little G logo on it but that I believe is the back it’s gonna sit on your table like that and


Your watch will sit in that little conky spot it’s very minimal and cool it kind of looks like yep for sure the wire is heavier than the whole thing so it’s just gonna get flipped around I don’t know hopefully it will relax after a while and it can just sit there so yeah it’s pretty on there and be oh it’s not super strong magnet but the fact that it’s concave makes me feel pretty confident it can only draw us all


A little bit so I feel pretty confident in the contact there and then you get to go out of my way I have a power lunch all right let’s look at the different chassis there appear to be three different bodies so I think we do have them all this one is polished steel this one is the champagne gold not to be confused with rose gold stainless steel with the Hazel band and then this one which is probably gonna be the top seller I would think is the matte black


Stainless steel and this this is probably what I would choose that looks so cool and for those wondering about the bubble design I will say in real life this looks a lot flatter it it’s flat on top I was worried that it was actually a dome because that’s actually how they’re advertising it for some weird reason but it’s not a selling point that just means it’s gonna stick out at one point that’s gonna get scuffed on everything but this


Is flat so you can scuff it all evenly if you want it does have a crown so you can scroll like this with your finger instead of scrolling on the face and getting it all fingerprint-d and also covering half the screen with your finger um it does click as well and then so this active band style has just a little Boop friction fit kind of Knob there that it slides through and this is a


Silicone um band and it feels pretty good I would uh I think I might choose this band I did also experience the woven bands which are also made of recycled materials they seem okay the amount of force that they have is not very tight so it’s comfortable but it does look like if you if you’re like look over there it would fly off your wrist they’re not super tight at least they weren’t super tight on me I really like


The way that these watch bands attach to the face it’s super integrated and seamless looking like look at that there’s no little knobby sticking out it’s all in the watch the mechanism is inside so I will admit that it’s not as easy to work as it looks in the demo that they gave it comes off easily enough but say the button that you press is curved and shaped just like the watch band you just overlap it with a watch band use the


Watch band to depress the button and then slide it over and it locks in place it’s great I’m going to take it off every time I’ll just have it on my wrist just take the face off directly and let everything fall away like pedals like tears and rain oh no I accidentally turned it on there’s that button here I was gonna I was gonna say there’s a button there it’s not just the knob okay before I turn around let’s talk about our sponsor dbrand guess what they


Did they made some new patents look at this It’s All Digital looking and they got it on phone cases too this one was arctic Camo and it fits on my pixel 7 Pro oh no it doesn’t this is not a seven Pro case this is this the glitch camo they’re all kind of glitchy to me the names don’t make sense dbrand this actually does fit on 7 Pro and then there’s also the Navy camo one they’re all very cool and guess what you can get these patterns on literally all the


Skins that they provide right now so you don’t get a new look for your existing v-brand skin do it now makes you feel like you got a new phone you know this is really ugly get yours today at the link below oh that guys it’s active and because this is a pixel phone it’s got that Smart Connect shiz magic experience connecting to Google pixel watch I really hope this goes well because I need a new smart watch I am missing


Notifications it’s so Inky black with the OLED it looks awesome terms of service you know what I’ll take them all do it all Google a short circuit who cares stay connected to your body and your world it’s about time Google Slide the band through okay I don’t need instructions for this guys pretty sure I pretty sure I could figure this wait a second they should be like get a friend to come and grab this for you oh it’s upside down


Oh there’s a little Google logo in the band too I’m going third Notch guys you ever get like in between and it’s either too tight or you can go like this and flop it around this looks all right how’s the how’s the look with a white T-shirt does it look fresh I’m old so I’m glad when people tell me that I have to believe them I I have to set watch orientation so wait there is no upside down I could have done it the


Other way wow Freedom get the Fitbit mobile app oh it’s just like Samsung you have to have more than one app for your watch that sucks couldn’t they just integrate it into a one app to rule them all I’m going to skip pay for now but I’ll have you know that I’m excited for pay right now I have to reach into my pocket or maybe if I get lucky I’m holding my phone already and then unlock it and hit oh if I can


Just go bam that’s like a tricep extension every every time I get to buy something that’s just an added benefit if you’re one of those people who goes why would I want to watch what can I even do with the watch here’s a good screen for you this is showing all the different apps that they either are on my phone that are compatible with or ones that are just recommended so music some Fitness and the Google camera believe it or not this


Is a pixel only feature but you can use your watch as basically a remote for the camera so not only can you use it to hit the shutter to actually take the photo when you’re standing back sting but you can also use it to zoom the camera as well but sweet no more selfies right wait no more selfies meditation uh Easy Voice Recorder if you just want to put your hands over someone’s shoulder and go hey buddy you talking to my microphone make a permanent record or


Something more workout stuff more workout stuff bitmoji for wear OS hey remember those and notes why don’t we can do that although if I can display a shopping list on my wrist as I’m shopping that would be actually super clutch unlike some other watches it only comes in one screen size I’m a medium person so I think this screen size looks great this is what I would choose if I had a larger one it would look chungus on my wrist


But if you have like thick boy wrist then it might look a little too dainty For You childish like a toy uh Weight Wise totally feels normal no comment there doesn’t feel like weirdly light or awfully heavy as for the glass that’s Corning Gorilla Glass 5 not victis glass that you find on the pixel 7 Pro phone okay here we go oh there it is how do I go back to home learn how to use your new watch yes please you swipe up for notifications


You swipe down for settings you click the crown to do all your apps or go back home and you click the side button to go to your recent apps or you can double tap it for your last app in my case I haven’t launched anything so it brought me back holy cow my heart rate was 69. that was sick did you see that nice that’s probably one of the coolest standout differentiating features for for this watch is the all-day continuous heart rate tracking it doesn’t matter if


Your at rest or in a workout you can get heart rate monitoring that updates once a second all day and that’s actually factored into their battery life claim of up to 24 hours it’s pretty in line with the competition it may not be to my high standard but other watches give you that or less so get used to charging before bed for a little bit I guess and maybe when you’re making your lunch in the morning they say it was one of the biggest things in


Their keynote was how good they got this heart rate monitoring they took a bunch of data from different people use machine learning on it to figure out to Signal versus noise um and have apparently have the most accurate heart rate monitoring on a smart watch it may not be good as other wearables that have the sensors on your finger for example but as far as uh light that gets shot at your wrist they say theirs is pretty good it says that


It’s rated for five atmospheres which is like 50 meters deep which is crazy deep even if you are a licensed diver you can’t go that deep unless you get additional courses uh one atmosphere is just like sea level but if you scroll down to the footnote attached to that claim it says this is not waterproof water resistance degrades over time uh don’t don’t use this for water sports Etc I say risk it hit us up in the comments


If it doesn’t work out for you this feels very smooth it’s nice um I will say that a lot has been made of the bezels in this watch all of the wallpapers that they that they have available and that they showed in the marketing are all very dark mode based and they hide the bezels because the bezels are huge and that could be a deal breaker for some people but I don’t know you get used to it and I guess it does some kind of palm rejection for you


You can call it Palm rejection accidental swipes are gonna be lessened because you have to go right into the watch to actually mess with it I don’t really think they’re that much bigger than other competing watches I did see someone make a comparison but this is what they look like I think they are most notable if I turn on the flashlight though so I’m going to try to do that for you guys there it is what that almost like I guess the edge


Of this is kind of uh the edge of this is kind of shadowed so it’s casting itself in like the worst possible light but if those look a pretty chonker now I want to see if I can customize this watch face big time this one’s called big time I like it and that actually matches the band pretty nicely now you are able to also set images from your own photos app as the background which is cool you’re not you are not beholden to there


Sanctioned apps you can do whatever which is cool it’s Android right let’s see what’s in this watch app so if I choose one like this and then I hit edit oh cool I can change the color of the highlights this is really interesting and robust I like the way that they’ve done this because too often there’s something that you like but it’s imperfect and you have to just settle with its


Imperfections whereas this gives you you should be able to get a little closer because you can pick something that you like generally and then tweak it a bit oh and there’s different slots for the complications and I can add each one of those so I don’t care about whether I care about calories for example what else they got in here day of the week favorite contact wife on speed dial I don’t know the answer to questions


Involving my own personal finances you know stuff like that heart rate’s right there moon phase just in case for you Pisces out there if you’re a Jupiter Ascending UV index world clock what is world clock do you get it’s just other just a random cities time okay did it work did I did it how do I get it to the watch add new okay so a certain subset of the ones you


Create will be accessible from the watch you have to add them there it just seems dumb tiles okay so it looks like you can add again a subset of tiles to your watch hand wash timer I’ll add that tile added hand wash timer there it is whoop always use soap doesn’t know if I’m doing it no it’s just a timer I’d like to do the back be like this oh


You got to get in there that’s a girl that’s a gross part I do sometimes a little wrist grab like that you gotta do that one anyways oh that’s not long enough okay so towels are cool they’re like widgets you can see that one app can have multiple tiles very cool now Google decided in their infinite wisdom to load this thing with a exynos 9110 a chip from 2018. their speculation as to why that is maybe they


Made this watch back then and then they decided they want to acquire Fitbit and then the pandemic happened and then everything went on hold and then that’s why it was so delayed I don’t know it would have been nice if they had a modern ship it would have been ideal if they had a custom silicon like they have in here like a Google tensorship would have been cool but they don’t and if they had maybe they’d have better battery life than we do because you know


That’s what the deal is with new Chips they’re more efficient like the pixel phones though you can charge 50 of the battery in half an hour which is pretty good and in 80 minutes you can do 100 and that and I think that’s great if you find yourself not having a lot of battery left when you want to go to bed and use the sleep tracking half an hour for 50 like by the time you do your skincare addicts routine and brush your teeth and tucked in the kiddos like


That’s your half an hour right there now on the topic of sleep tracking there is a paywall version of like Fitbit premium and there has been with all the other Fitbit devices and that carries on till today with the pixel watch you can pay to get uh I believe the main stano features are like workouts and meditation stuff as well as analytics insights to some of the the other features that you don’t need to pay while to use you can just get deeper


Insights if you do pay but one of the insights uh that I wish was not behind the paywall is the Readiness score or like your Readiness if you have a good sleep or a bad sleep you know it’ll tell you hey you’re probably ready to kill it today or hey maybe you should skip your workout today because you’re not gonna do well anyway because you didn’t sleep very well last night I’m personally interested in that future I like to be able to try it without having to have


Premium however the watch does come with six months of Fitbit premium and three months of YouTube music premium note though the footnote at the bottom of the page says that it’s for uh new and returning uh users only so if you currently subscribe to either of those features you can’t just get some free months out of this I would suggest uh canceling your account redeeming your your free months and then


You know signing up extending it after that again if you if you want to just get some free months out of this thing 32 gigs of storage on board there are two versions of the watch the one with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and the one with Bluetooth Wi-Fi and LTE for 50 bucks more the base price of the watch is 350 US Dollars seems kind of I don’t know it’s kind of weird uh it’s expensive they have Flagship devices they have a


Flagship watch they also have budget devices like the like the 6A and this watch costs almost as much as a 6A so it’s kind of weird from a strategy perspective and then there’s Myriad bands and they have different prices as well so you kind of just got to go on the website and and configure it the way you want another thing that this watch kind of doesn’t have there’s some question marks around this is automatic workout tracking on other watches you


Start a workout and it goes oh I noticed you’re canoeing bud so now we’re tracking your canoe workout and then it’ll automatically pause or stop as you pause or stop your workout this doesn’t specifically have that now a rep from Fitbit said it’s coming but what it does do is retrospectively track your workout so you do some activity and then later on it looks at the data collected throughout the day and recognizes that activity as a workout


And then we’ll put it in it’ll log it correctly from then on but you know what at least on my Samsung Galaxy Active 2 or whatever watch I had it was pretty bad anyway sometimes you’re like half an hour into our workout you’re ending your workout and that’s when it detects it or vice versa you’re just like walking downstairs and it thinks you’re working out summing up I think this is an interesting watch it’s good looking I’m into it because


I’m a pixel Fanboy or at least a pixel user um so I’m more excited about it than a Samsung watch I’m not prepared to say that it’s going to outperform something like some of the Samsung Watchers that have been what they’re like four generations in now or something five Preposterous so I wouldn’t expect these things to be perfect on their first generation but they are exciting


They look very cool they’re stylish like their Samsung compatriots so they have some proprietary or ecosystem only lock-in features so if you are a pixel user then it’ll it’ll have that quick sync that you saw earlier it’ll also share Wi-Fi so you you log in Wi-Fi on your phone and then it just automatically logs into your sister devices like your watch or the upcoming pixel tablet slap this matte black one on my wrist and never give it back I


Think you guys saw align us on Twitter say that I can just steal this off right that included the watch right minus all right thanks for watching short circuit guys if you like this video hit like and uh yeah that looks cool I like it way more than that white strap who would get the white strap the same people get white Interiors in their Teslas it’s like man I wear jeans sometimes I don’t have to wipe my seat up anyway see you guys

If you’re a Google fan, you may or may not fall in love with this product but since it’s only the first generation watch, you will definitely see improvements with future versions.

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